Past Workshops

August 2010 - Giovani
Guest Tutors: Shapeshifter

October 2010 - Giovani
Guest Tutor: Mike Logie (Mint Chicks)

November 2010 - Prodigio
Guest Tutor: Fiona McMartin

January 2011 - Bene
Guest Tutor: Warren Maxwell (TrinityRoots, Little Bushman)

April 2011 - Ragazza
Guest Tutors: Anna Coddington, Ned Ngatae, Lisa Crawley, Mike Hall, Riki Gooch

August 2011 - Giovani
Guest Tutors: Anika Moa, Barnaby Weir

March 2012 - Giovani
Guest Tutor: Jenn Shelton

May 2012 - Giovani
Guest Tutors: The Black Seeds

June 2012 - Giovani
Guest Tutor: The Nomad

September 2012 - Scuola
Guest Tutor: The Nomad

April 2013 - Bene
Guest Tutor: Aaron Tokona (Ahoribuzz)

November 2013 - Prodigio
Guest Tutor: Anna van Riel

April 2014 - Scienza
Guest Tutor: Danny Fairley (Arma Del Amor)

October 2014 - Vivo
Guest Tutors: Jody Direen, Daimon Schwalger, Matt McPhee

November 2014 - Prodigio
Guest Tutor: Danny Fairley

Guest Tutors: Warren Maxwell, Devin Abrams, Anika Moa, MC Tali, Barnaby Weir, Dave Dobbyn, Mu, & heaps more!

September 2015 - Giovani
Guest Tutors: Anna Coddington, Steph & Fen (Lips), Margaret O'Hanlon, Danny Fairley


Upcoming Workshops

No workshops this year sorry, as we work towards

TUKI 2018

Saturday 10th February


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Thank you to all who attended, supported, created, staffed, vollied, applauded, sponsored, tutored or performed at YAMI Sounz Summit 2016 on May 14 and 15th. Let's do it all over again in 2017!